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The Exton Bee Company was formed to assist the honeybee population in our area and to inform the public of the valuable role of honeybees in nature and agriculture.  We carry a full line of top quality bees and hive products. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Pure Raw Local Honey - $12/lb

Lighter Spring and Darker Fall

Available now.

Our lighter honey is made by the bees from April to June.  We collect it in July.  Our darker honey is made by the bees from July to September.  We collect it in late-September. The honey's color and flavor is determined by many local nectar sources.


3 lb Package Bees - $130 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

March 25, 2023 packages - sold out

April 1, 2023 packages - sold out 

April 17, 2023 packages - sold out  

April 29, 2023 packages - sold out

Each package contains approximately 3 pounds of Italian Hybrid worker bees and a mated queen.  Package bees are sold out for the 2023 season.


Nucleus Colonies - $225 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

April 15, 2023 nucs - sold out 

April 22, 2023 nucs - sold out 

May 6, 2023 nucs - sold out

May 13, 2023 nucs - sold out

Our 5-frame nucs include an Italian Hybrid mated queen and bees.  The 5 deep frames consist of 2 brood, 2 honey, and 1 frame which can vary between brood, honey, foundation for expansion, or frame feeder.  Nucs are sold out for the 2023 season.

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Comb Honey - $25 / 4" square

Sold out.

Our comb honey is cut and packaged just the way the bees made it.  No additional processing.  Packaged in 4" squares.


Pure Beeswax - $12/lb

Available now.

Our pure beeswax is filtered and refined from the wax cappings collected when we extract honey.  Make your own candles, lip balm, creams, and cosmetics.

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Queen Bees - $40 each

Available now.

Our queen bee selection varies by the mating stock used.  Italian hybrid queens are usually available throughout the beekeeping season.  VSH & other specialty queens are available mid-summer.  To purchase, text a message to 484-678-1938.

Products: Products
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