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How to Buy Healthy Bees

Package Bees, Nucleus Colonies, Queen Bees

Package bees, nucleus colonies, and queens will be available starting late-March 2022.  Order early as bees sell out quickly.


3 lb Package Bees - $130 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

March 23, 2022 packages available. 

April 6, 2022 packages available. 

Each package contains approximately 3 pounds of Italian Hybrid worker bees and a mated queen.  Call, text, or email to reserve a package.


Nucleus Colonies - $220 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

April 16, 2022 nucs available. 

April 30, 2022 nucs available. 

Our 5-frame nucs include an Italian Hybrid mated queen and bees.  The 5 deep frames consist of 2 brood, 2 honey, and 1 frame which can vary between brood, honey, foundation for expansion, or frame feeder.  Call, text, or email to reserve a nuc.

queen image.JPG

Queen Bees - $35 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

Sold out for season.

More available April 2022.

Our queen bee selection varies by the mating stock used.  Italian hybrid queens are usually available throughout the beekeeping season.  VSH & other specialty queens are available mid-summer.  Call, text, or email to reserve your queens today!