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How to Buy Healthy Bees

Package Bees, Nucleus Colonies, Queen Bees

Package bees, nucleus colonies, and queens will be available starting late-March 2022.  Order early as bees sell out quickly.

Email us at to reserve bees. 

Include your name, address, phone number, and what you would like to purchase.


3 lb Package Bees - $130 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

March 23, 2022 packages - SOLD OUT

April 1, 2022 packages - SOLD OUT 

Each package contains approximately 3 pounds of Italian Hybrid worker bees and a mated queen.  Call, text, or email to reserve a package.


Nucleus Colonies - $220 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

April 16, 2022 nucs - SOLD OUT

April 23, 2022 nucs - SOLD OUT 

Our 5-frame nucs include an Italian Hybrid mated queen and bees.  The 5 deep frames consist of 2 brood, 2 honey, and 1 frame which can vary between brood, honey, foundation for expansion, or frame feeder.  Call, text, or email to reserve a nuc.

queen image.JPG

Queen Bees - $40 each

Italian Hybrid Honey Bees

Available now.

Our queen bee selection varies by the mating stock used.  Italian hybrid queens are usually available throughout the beekeeping season.  VSH & other specialty queens are available mid-summer.  Call, text, or email to reserve your queens today!